You Can Have it All

I used to believe the quote “You can’t have it all”.

I used it as my excuse as to why something wasn’t the way I wanted it to be.

I could have a great job, but not a great body.

I could be an amazing parent, but not an amazing partner.

Then I read a quote that said, “You can have it all, just not all at once.”

That sounded better.

I can experience all the amazing things about life, just not at the same time.

I could have a great job and a great body, but I’ll have to wait on that lover.

Wait a minute.  What?

That’s still settling.

I want it all.  At the same time.

Here’s the beautiful thing.

Having it all simply means choosing to see that you have it all.

Everything you need, you have.

Choosing to acknowledge that you have it all in this moment is what brings you the feeling of fulfillment.

Choosing to believe that you should have something you don’t have right now brings you discontent.

Either you have it all, or you don’t.  Your choice.

I choose to have it all.

What energy do you bring?

You know that person, who when they walk into a room, EVERYONE notices?

Their smile is intoxicating.
Their charisma is infectious.
Their energy is captivating.
Their presence is known.

What about the other person, who when they walk into a room, EVERYONE notices?

Their smile is suspicious.
Their charisma is repulsive.
Their energy is draining.
Their presence is known.

Now, what about the person, who when they walk into a room, NOBODY notices?

Their smile is nonexistent.
Their charisma is lacking.
Their energy is silent.
Their presence is not known.

What energy do you bring?  What energy do you WANT to bring?

Be the person who steals the show.  In a good way.

Use your Powers for Good

We’re all superheroes to someone.

We tend to ignore, dismiss, and deny the amount of power we have.

We often underestimate our influence on others.

We don’t realize the impact our words and actions can have on another person.

We think we know who is influenced by us and who is not and to what degree.

We think we understand the magnitude of our influence.

But we never really know.

Which is why it is extremely important to use your powers for good.

Ask yourself before you take action, “Is this action for good?  Does it help myself and others?  Am I adding value?”

If so, go all in.

If not, then reconsider.  Find another way to accomplish the goal that involves using your power for good.

No one intends to be the villain.

No one wants to be evil.

However, we take action all the time without realizing that we’re using our powers to hurt others.

We gossip.  We tattle.  We get into other people’s business.

When we take action without thought, we risk hurting others unnecessarily.

When you choose to use your powers for good, the universe finds a way to help you cause the least damage as possible.   It allows you to show up for yourself and others in a way that is loving, supportive, protective, and valuable.

Think like a superhero.

You already are one to someone.

They Don’t Know

When you make a big change in your life, people will comment.

They’ll share their experience, their opinion, their feelings about your change.

Some will support you.  Others will not.

Without realizing it, some will try to hold you back.

They’ll do and say things to keep you the old you.

Your change is uncomfortable for them.

They don’t mean to make your change more difficult, they just don’t know.

They don’t know all the details.

They don’t know what’s in your heart and your head.

They don’t know the path you’ve been on and the path on which you are heading.

They don’t know it’s ok for you to change.

It’s frustrating to not know.

When someone really resists you making a change, choose compassion.

Choose compassion for them because you do know.

You know you’re on the right path.

You know it’s ok to change.

You can hold the space for them until they know you’ll be ok and they’ll be ok.

Then they’ll know.

The Way you do Anything is the Way you do Everything

One of my favorite tools to use with clients is the Wheel of Life.

This tool takes a peek into various areas of a client’s life.

The client rates an area of life on a scale from 10 to 1.

Then we discuss what would make each area a 10.

Here’s what’s fascinating.

The way we do anything is the way we do everything.

When we fail to return potential client phone calls, we know that we fail to follow up with our friends and family as well.

When we struggle to manage our time at home, we are also struggling to manage our time at work.

How we handle situations in one area of life is how we handle situations in all areas of our life.

If you find yourself asking, “Why does this always happen?” or “How do I always seem to get myself in this position?” you can rest assured that this is the anything/everything rule coming into play.

Why can’t get my work done on time?

How come I keep forgetting to pay my credit card bill on time?

Why do my relationships always come to an abrupt end?

When we struggle with time management, forget to do important tasks, and continue to end relationship after relationship, it impacts our lives across the board.

The key is to understand how you are handling a particular situation and ask yourself how it is impacting your life in other areas.

Where else in your life does the way you handle something to have a negative impact?

No need to change for now.  Just take notice.

You’ll be amazed at the patterns that emerge.

We say we want more clients, yet we don’t return calls in a timely manner.

We say we want a stronger body, yet we bail out on going to the gym.

We say we want more romance, yet we don’t stop to give our man a kiss when he arrives home from work.

We say we want close friends, but we cancel lunch dates and ignore text messages.

My Son, the Life Coach

I went for a walk with my son today.

He talked about a friend of his who is struggling with wanting to go to college.

His friend wants to take a year off to explore.

Drive across the country; take trips to other lands.

He is told by others that he shouldn’t waste his chance to go to college.

Just suck it up for four more years.

Then my son speaks up to his friend.

It’s your life.  What do you want to do?

Is it true you’re wasting your chance to go to college?

Isn’t college available at any time?

There are many ways to learn.  College is just one way.

I’m here for you, whatever you decide.

I’m so glad I am a life coach.

I’m so happy I’ve been bold enough to teach my son about how to question his thoughts.

I’m so proud that he will have this skill for the rest of his life and is sharing it with others.

Where there is desire, there is a way.

I hope his friend follows his heart and finds joy in the adventures he seeks.

Staying True to your Highest Desires

I had a big dream.

I’d been dreaming about it for YEARS.

I read, I studied, I planned, I prepared, I meditated.

The universe received my dream and laid out the path.

It wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t fast.

It didn’t go the way I expected it to go.

I carried on and did the work.  I kept taking action, one day at a time.

But right when my dream was going to come true, I panicked.

I worried, and fretted, and discussed, and obsessively thought while wringing my hands.

I made a pro and con lists.  I conferred with others.  Many others.

I was paralyzed.  The dream stalled.

Then I remembered the true meaning that initiated the dream.

I reconnected with the initial feelings driving the dream.

It became so clear again.  So simple.

I had to do one more hard thing to get to the other side.

I’m now on the other side.

It is all that I dreamed it would be.

If You’re Gonna Invest, GO ALL IN!

When I first entered the world of life coaching, I participated as an observer.

I paid more than I thought I could.

I listened to others get coached.

I listened to others practice coaching.

I held back.  I let the others do the work.

I let the others share their stories and be vulnerable.

I learned, but I didn’t change.

Then I tried again.

I paid double what I paid the first time.

I participated more.

I talked more.

I went the distance and got certified.

I grew.  I learned.  But I still didn’t fully change.

Then I tried again.

This time I went all in.

I paid double what I paid the SECOND time.

This time, I was the only person being coached.

I still didn’t have to show up for myself if I didn’t want to.  But I did.

It was hard.  It was painful at times.  But I went all in.

I didn’t change.  I TRANSFORMED.

I am no longer the person I was before.

I am stronger, braver, and bolder.

A warrior of my own life.

Go.  All.  In.

Got Problems?

When we are faced with a problem, it feels like the problem stands alone in isolation.

We tend to think if we can just solve this one problem, life would be perfect.

First of all, life is one long series of problems.  The only person who doesn’t have problems is a dead one!

Problems are meant to happen.  They allow us to think, create, struggle, learn, solve, and conquer.

The problem is not the problem.

Believing we shouldn’t have problems is the problem.

We resist.  We fight.  We ignore.  We struggle.

We magnify the problem by resisting that it exists.

The way we are approaching the problem is our problem.

Instead of resistance, try approaching a problem with enthusiasm!!!

Welcome problem!
So glad to see you again!
How can I help solve you?
What would make this problem even better?
If that won’t work for you, we’ll try something different until we get it right!

Our problems require quality customer service.  They are our problems, after all, right?

Give them the best service possible.

Go above and beyond your own expectations.

You’ll blow your own damn mind!